Gate 17

Project Title : GATE 17” (Generating Assistance Through Expertise)
Overall Project cost : Fifteen Million Pesos (P 15,000,000.00)
$17,000/P800,000 per classroom
Proponent : Prodigy Discovery Playschool, Inc (PDP)
Contact person : STACY K. MONUNGOLH
Prodigy Discovery Playschool
Upper Calceta St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
(063-38-501-8093) (09212670677)
Project category : Education/Infrastructure


GATE 17” is the most effective and rewarding method for financial assistance that has inspired this school to move forward.  As Mrs. Stacy Monungolh sought counsel, she was advised to read and study the Bible Book, Nehemiah.  It was during this research, that she was moved by how the Jewish people worked together to build their Jerusalem wall and gates that had been destroyed by former conquestors  Working together, the people built the part of the wall or gate that was close to them and of interest to them.  Each person, using their individual talents and expertise to make the building project a success.

             Prodigy Discovery Playschool is set on building 17 “Gates” (classrooms) of learning. After much prayer and considerations, we believe that our school will be built using groups and individuals who will use their personal talents and expertise to contribute to the success of this educational project.

            17 “Gates” (classrooms) of Learning, estimated @ $17,000 per classroom

            12 Classroom (2 sections, Grades 1-6)

            1 Library, 1 Computer Lab, 1 Art/Theater Art Room, 1 Music Room, 1 Home Trade Room

            Plus 2 Additional Classrooms for our CARE Program (Special Education)